J-Street Raises Funds For and Works to Elect Anti-Israel Congresspersons, and Targets and Works to Defeat Pro-Israel Congresspersons

J Street works hard to defeat strong supporters of Israel in Congress, and works hard to elect anti-Israel Congresspersons. Many of J Street’s endorsed candidates failed to affirm the U.S.-Israel alliance on the House floor, rejected Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorists, and backed an infamous congressional letter demanding that Israel end its defensive measures against the terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip. All of these positions reveal that J-Street's candidates are hostile to Israel. 

​J-Street Endorsed and Raised Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for These (and other) Anti-Israel Congressional Candidates:

Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA). In 2009, Capps refused to sign a resolution that both affirmed Israel’s right to defend itself and also condemned the Goldstone Report, a despicable United Nations report that falsely accused Israel of committing war crimes-a claim that report’s author, Richard Goldstone himself, later retracted as false. Capps also declined to join 327 of her colleagues later that year in expressing support for a bi-partisan letter “reaffirming the U.S.-Israel alliance.” In 2010, Capps become one of the “Gaza 54” when she signed onto a J Street-orchestrated letter that asked President Obama to pressure the Israeli government to end its defensive measures against Hamas in Gaza. Later in 2010, Capps again bucked the majority of Congress when she refused to back a letter reaffirming Israel’s right to defend itself in the wake of the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” incident, in which Israeli soldiers were attacked and beaten by a delegation of pro-Palestinian terrorists.Rep. George Miller (D-CA). Miller also signed the infamous “Gaza 54″ letter, did not support a Congressional missive voicing “solidarity” with Israel, and did not support a letter that reaffirmed U.S. support for Israel and recognized Israel’s right to defend itself against Palestinian attacks. Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI). Baldwin also signed the "Gaza 54″ letter, voted against a 2009 Iran sanctions bill and condemned Israel for defending against armed terrorists aboard the Turkish, Gaza-bound “Freedom Flotilla.” Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH). Brown declined to join a bipartisan cadre of 76 senators who expressed the commitment of the U.S. government’s alliance with the Israeli government. Rep. David Price (D- NC.). Price also signed the "Gaza 54" letter, and together with Rep. Peter Welch, spearheaded
a letter asking President Obama to continue sending U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority despite its attempts to unilaterally establish statehood at the United Nations without recognizing Israel.

Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT). Welch likewise signed the infamous “Gaza 54″ letter and together with David Price, 
spearheaded the letter asking President Obama to continue sending U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority despite its attempts to unilaterally establish statehood at the United Nations without recognizing Israel.

The Washington Free Beacon's analysis of over 50 candidates endorsed by J-Street revealed "a sizable delegation of lawmakers who have expressed hostility towards the Jewish state."  The Beacon described J-Street's perverse strategy as follows:  "The self-described "pro-Israel, pro-peace" liberal advocacy group J Street is soliciting funds for Congressional candidates who are openly hostile to Israel while simultaneously targeting for defeat explicitly pro-Israel lawmakers who do not agree with its radical Middle East agenda."  

       - Adam Kredo, The Anti-Israel Lobby: "Pro-Israel, Pro Peace" J-Street Backs Congressmen
Who Do Not Support Israel 
(May 23, 2012)


​J-Street Raised and Spent Funds To DEFEAT These Strong Pro-Israel Congresspersons:
Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL).Joe Walsh was a first-term Congressman in 2010, who was among Israel’s staunchest defenders during his two-year tenure in the House. Walsh attracted J Street’s ire when he referred to the two-state solution as a sham, and co-sponsored a resolution supporting Israel's rights to existing Jewish communities in disputed areas. Walsh also stated that there is "no such thing as land for peace." Walsh's strong support for Israel led J Street to launch a campaign against Walsh and issue a red alert to J-Street supporters calling for Walsh’s ouster from Congress in November 2012. Absurdly, J-Street charged that “The policies endorsed by Representative Walsh are not pro-Israel." Rep. Walsh responded: “For a group like J Street who only claims to be pro-Israel to go after me for being pro-Israel makes no sense …. They hide under the cover of ‘pro-peace, pro-Israel,’ but they’re pro-Palestinian … No one from the middle to the right takes them seriously. They’re almost a joke. They’re extremely toxic and so loudly in your face to anyone who takes even a little bit of a pro-Israel stance.” J-Street-PAC worked and spent funds up to the last minute to defeat Walsh. See, for example J-Street's Oct. 24 2012 report to the Federal Elections Commission of close-to-the election Independent J-Street expenditures for direct marketing to defeat key pro-Israel Congressmen Joe Walsh and Allen West,  (This is just one day's report; J-Street filed numerous others.) Tragically, J-Street succeeded in defeating great friend of Israel Congressman Walsh.

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla). Allen West is a war hero and, like Joe Walsh, was a first-term Congressman in 2010 who was one of Israel's chief defenders and supporters in Congress. Rep. West was also the first African-American Republican Congressman from Florida since Reconstruction. Rep. West correctly called J-Street a "Jewish Pro-Palestinian organization" and criticized J-Street's "just trust Iran" positions. In January 2011, Congressman West joined House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla) in condemning the flying of the PLO flag in Washington D.C. West said that raising the PLO flag in D.C. was "an attempt to legitimize an organization with a known history of terrorist actions."
Rep. West was also a co-sponsor of the resolution supporting Israel's rights with respect to existing Jewish communities in disputed areas. West also wrote to President Obama seeking the release of Jonathan Pollard from prison.

J-Street PAC also targeted West. As with Congressman Walsh, J-Street expended tens of thousands of dollars to defeat Congressman West up to the last minute of the election. Tragically, West was also defeated, in an extremely close election that was not finally determined until several weeks after the vote took place. Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH). Rep. Bass possessed stellar pro-Israel credentials. Rep. Bass served in Congress from 1995-2007, and returned to Congress in 2011. Bass co-sponsored the United States-Israel Enhanced
Security Cooperation Act of 2012, which was passed by the House despite the objections of several lawmakers affiliated with J- Street. Rep. Bass' challenger, Ann McLane Kuster, had virtually no public record regarding Israel, and no pro-Israel credentials. J Street touted Kuster as "a progressive hero” and "a community activist." Rep. Bass ended up losing the race by 5 points - another great pro-Israel legislature lost, with the assistance of J-Street's anti-Israel targeting program.

Rep. Frank Guinta (R-NH). Rep. Guinta, who was a first time Congressman, also possessed stellar pro-Israel credentials. Guinta took a strong stance against Iran's pursuit of nuclear arms, and expressed strong support for Israel.  Conversely, the Arab American Institute's "Scorecard" rated Guinta as "anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab" based on Guinta's votes for the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act (H.R. 1006); withholding US contributions to the U.N. until the UN retracts accusations of Israeli war crimes (H.R. 1501); a resolution opposing any unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state (H. Res. 268); and a bill prohibiting any US government document from referring to "Palestine"  (H.R. 2457).  J-Street also targeted Guinta for defeat in 2012.  See Adam Kredo, “The Anti-Israel Lobby: ‘Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace’ J Street Backs Congressmen Who Do Not Support Israel,’ Free Beacon, May 23, 2012. Unfortunately, Rep. Guinta was indeed defeated in 2012.

Rep. Judy Biggert (R., Ill.).Rep. Biggert co-sponsored the America Stands with Israel Act and a was regular defender of the U.S.-Israel alliance. Biggert served in Congress from 1999-2013. She too was targeted by J-Street and defeated in the 2012 election.  

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  “It is ironic that J Street turns out to want American Jews to be one issue voters.  J Street supports candidates critical of Israel and opposes candidates who are very pro-Israel.  Doesn’t much matter where they stand on anything else.  Maybe, we should salute J Street’s bipartisanship: They barely care what party you’re in as long as you think undermining the Government of Israel is a good idea.”  - Elliot Abrams